An Evening with Simon Reeve

An Evening with Simon Reeve

Arrested by the KGB, chased by cheetahs, hunting with the Bushmen of the Kalahari… Simon Reeve has lived quite a life. He’s the leading adventure traveller on British Television, travelling and filming in 120 countries, including many of the most beautiful, remote, and dangerous parts of the planet.

Now, join Simon as he celebrates the publication of his new book, Journeys to Impossible Places. Live in conversation for this exclusive event, Simon will reveal the inside story of some of his most astonishing adventures and experiences, around the planet and close to home – from beautiful, tricky, and downright dangerous corners of the world, travelling through the Tropics, to remote paradise islands, jungles dripping with heat and life, and nerve-wracking secret missions.

Join Simon as he shares what his unique experiences and encounters have taught him, and the deeper lessons he draws from joy and raw grief in his personal life – from desperate struggles with his own fertility and mental health, from wise friends, fatherhood, inspiring villagers, brave fighters, his beloved dogs, and a thoughtful Indian sadhu.

Utterly fascinating, thrilling, and candid, Simon’s tales of adventure are at once jaw-dropping, inspiring and incredibly moving. This event will encourage all of us to battle fear and negativity, and embrace life, risk, opportunities, and the glory of our world.

‘TV's most interesting globetrotter' The Independent

'Reeve is in a class of his own.' The Times

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An Evening with Simon Reeve