A Night In with Salma El-Wardany

A Night In with Salma El-Wardany

Join Salma El-Wardany as she discusses her electric new novel These Impossible Things.

Jenna, Kees and Malak have been friends for years, the three of them together against the world. Yet the events that unfold over one evening changes everything between them and they are left marooned from each other as their lives take different paths. Without the support of each other, nothing seems to go quite right and in the wake of heartbreaks, marriages, new careers and new beginnings, they need each other more than ever. Will they be able to forgive each other in time?

In conversation with Nikita Gill for this online event, Salma will explore the key themes of the novel and the inspiration behind it. These Impossible Things is a story told through relationships: romantic ones, plutonic ones, sexual ones and fraught and broken ones. Covering identity, sexual trauma, loneliness and domestic abuse, at its core is a story about the importance of female friendship and how compelling and powerful those connections are.

This promises to be an insightful and beautiful evening, that challenges the narrative of Muslim women and how they are depicted in the media, bringing their stories into the light. Do not miss it.

‘This is the essential book on sisterhood that I needed to read. Beautifully written and gorgeous. Salma El-Wardany is a brilliant writer and this is a story I will never forget.’ Nikita Gill, author of Fierce Fairytales

‘Moving, telling, glorious; girlhood giving way to something urgent and beginning. This is a bracing, tender exploration of friendship, family and faith and their gaping complications. Irresistible.’ Yrsa Daley-Ward

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A Night In with Salma El-Wardany