A Night In with Jill Dawson

A Night In with Jill Dawson

Join Jill Dawson, award-winning author of 11 novels including the critically acclaimed books The Language of Birds, The Crime Writer, and Fred & Edie as she celebrates the release of her powerful and chilling new novel The Bewitching.

Alice Samuel might be old and sharp-tongued, but she's no fool. Visiting her new neighbours in her Fenland village, she suspects Squire Throckmorton's household is not as God-fearing as it seems and finds the children troubled. Yet when one of the daughters accuses her of witchcraft, Alice has no inkling of how quickly matters will escalate and fails to grasp the danger she is in. As evidence mounts against Alice, soon the entire village is swept up in the frenzied persecution of one of their own community.

The Bewitching, based on the little-known true story of the 16th century witches of Warboys, outlines a neglected episode of English history, where ordinary people were tortured and executed for witchcraft. Using this troubling real life to powerful effect, Dawson conveys the brutal tribalism that can erupt in a closed society. In conversation for this online event, she will explore how misinformation, suspicion and rage can manifest in our communities, and how victims can be made to believe their own wickedness.

A dazzling and shocking page turner that speaks to our times, you do not want to miss this event.

‘An important novel which gave me fresh insight into the wicked mechanism of misogyny. The truth and sadness of it is breathtaking, and the writing is just wonderful.’ Sadie Jones

‘In this literary page turner, Jill Dawson brings vividly to the page the chilling tale of the witches of Warboys…a compulsive and thought-provoking account of guilt and persecution.’ Paula Hawkins

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A Night In with Jill Dawson